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If you need more info, try scrolling through our FAQ listed below or send us an email to and we'll help you.


  • Where can I find HOP products?

    Our products are available in our online store. We serve the whole country and Europe.

  • How to wash HOP products?

    HOP products have specific washing instructions, which can always be found on the product pages.

    However, in general, for cleaning we recommend the use of neutral soap and a soft bristled brush. Make gentle movements always in the direction of the lines.

    Avoid long intervals between washes, as excessive accumulation of dirt makes the procedure difficult.

Exchanges and Returns



  • How does the HOP guarantee work?

    Our guarantee assures the exchange of the product, at any time, in case of proof of manufacturing defect.

    The warranty does not apply, however, to cases of misuse, natural wear and tear, misuse, neglect, or any modification to the product that compromises its integrity.

    To request use of our guarantee, simply send an email to attaching 2 (two) photos and / or videos of the defect that motivated the request.

    The images will be evaluated by the analysis industry to verify the existence or not of the factors that support the issue of the guarantee.

    If it is not possible to establish a diagnosis (positive or negative) through the photos sent, we will ask you to send the product for analysis.

    Once the guarantee has been approved, we proceed to exchange the defective product for an identical product or, if it is unavailable in our inventories, for any other of equal value.


  • I would like to hold an event with House of Pets.

    If you would like to submit a release, or to learn more about HOP's participation in events, please contact We will be happy to review the proposal and possibly start a partnership.


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